Thyme 2 Grow was set up in January 2016. Its aim is to help improve health, well-being, knowledge, resilience and self-reliance through gardening and creative arts.

Thyme was chosen as a theme, not just because of the play on words. Thyme is  herb traditionally associated with giving strength and courage and warding off nightmares, this is particularly relevant to Thyme 2 Grow’s  first priority.

The initial priority has always been to set up a Therapeutic Gardening Scheme to benefit the women detailed at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Center.  Although the plan is to raise a small income through the sale of plants and related goods, the Yarl’s Wood Social and Therapeutic Gardening Scheme will always be reliant on grant funding, sponsorship and the kind donations of members of the public.

In the longer terms Thyme 2 Grow hopes to expand by running Social and Therapeutic Horticulture (STH) schemes  at other locations across Bedfordshire, and in doing so to generate its own income. As examples activities may include:

  • General horticultural sessions.
  • Horticulture sessions run in conjunction with a health care professional such as a psychotherapist or occupational therapist.
  • Horticultural sessions run in conjunction with a teacher, trainer or small business adviser.
  • Additional craft, construction and creative activities.
  • Knowledge sharing with individuals and organisations interested in STH and the work of Thyme Activities.

In delivering STH, Thyme 2 Grow takes its lead from a charity called Thrive, and hopes to achieve the Thrive’s ‘Cultivating Quality’ accreditation.

Thyme 2 Grow is a trading name of Thyme Activities CIC (Community Interest Company) registered in England and Wales. Company registration number: 10017224. Registered address: c/o 33-39 High Street, Kempston, Bedford, MK43 7BT.

The Company has an asset lock meaning that assets and/or surplus must be used to develop the company or passed to another asset locked body (charity or CIC). The company is limited by guarantee with no shareholders.